Friday, June 11, 2021

"Every ecology, every community of plants and animals and soil, has its own particular kind of personality, or intelligence, which affects the people who live in it … Modern science might use different words, but it tells us exactly the same thing: the topography of a place, its geology, its weather, the flora and fauna which inhabit it alongside us – all of these aspects of a place contribute to the character and sense of identity of the people who live there." Sharon Blackie

"To know fully even one field or one land is a lifetime’s experience. In the world of poetic experience it is depth that counts, not width. A gap in a hedge, a smooth rock surfacing a narrow lane, a view of a woody meadow, the stream at the junction of four small fields ..." Patrick Kavanagh

Wednesday, June 9, 2021

"By facing what is happening and rendering it visible, artists challenge and empower viewers to confront and comprehend as well, offering footholds as we search our way forward." Julie Reiss from Brookly Rail essay "Art in the Climate Crisis"